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With 30 years of tradition and excellence, Maison Marie Saint Pierre  redefines luxury in its own perspective, by attributing an experiential  dimension. Marie herself has always played with the duality between the  different eras of fashion, thus creating a brand of elegant tension and  artful contradiction.

A constant battle between power-dressing and  sculptural art, Maison Marie Saint Pierre is a tangible brand with  strong intuition and imagination, combining elements from culture, art,  sculpture, and technology, mixing them with style, expression and  sensuality. Created in an atelier with a 


Newly  installed on Chabanel Street in a studio of over 12,000 square feet,  Maison Marie Saint Pierre currently employs a team of craftsmen who work  closely with local manufacturer. All garments are fully created,  designed and crafted in Montreal.


Marie  Saint Pierre’s modern creations are defined by a combination of  elements; the importance conferred to the fusion between form and  function, and the leading edge design articulated around timeless  qualities. It is also inextricably linked to the duality between the  natural and the technologic.


Maison  Marie Saint Pierre's studious research and development has allowed the  creation of new methods responding to both design considerations and the  highest functionality requirements. Technical properties are key in the  creation process of each garment, giving the creations a unique  wearability that extends beyond one season or trend. Innovation is at  the heart of the design.


The  Maison deeply cares about the environment. Its preferred fabrics are  produced in an eco-compatible way in line with a program that addresses  protection of the environment. The key characteristics of these fabrics  like endurance and sun block technology allow them to maximize their  life span thereby reducing the environment impact to a minimum.