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Est. 1993



The aim of Alfio Vanuzzo and Morena Baldan has always been the excellence.  Since 1981, foundation year of Suprema, a leader company in the leather  and shearling outerwear. The collections have been expanded in the fur  world, reinterpreting fur coats in a modern way, with the aim of creating contemporary, sophisticated and recognizable garments.

The headquarter is in Dolo, Venice, in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta, a famous area for the manufacturing of leather. Suprema is strongly  linked with this area and its traditions, but its mission is  future-oriented.

Today Suprema is focused on luxury outerwear from the wool/cashmere  coats with fur details, to the shearling garments and mink, sable, and  chinchilla coats.