2128 Arlington Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43221

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Our Story

Connie Leal Ballenger, Store Owner.

  Connie Leal Ballenger spent more than a decade in management consulting, traveling the globe and helping varied businesses grow stronger as part of the Arthur Andersen team. An entrepreneur at heart, Connie made the life-changing decision in 1993 to leave corporate America and launch her own fashion business. Leal was born with the philosophy of giving women a totally personalized, inviting shopping experience vs. the generic mall or department store feel, which was the norm of the day. She selected a location in the heart of Upper Arlington because she wanted the shop to feel real, and be in a real neighborhood. Connie is a busy wife and mother, in addition to Shop Owner, so she totally understands the needs of active women who want to look great, but don’t have the interest or time to focus on it. She and her team have mastered the essential pieces needed to complete a modern woman's wardrobe. “It's being able to effortlessly go from school to work, work to dinner, or wherever your day takes you”, she says. And, “look great at every stage”. womens clothing our story about us